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DIY Commencement Hullabaloo tonite! [Aug. 16th, 2005|09:48 am]

A reminder that today marks the last day of DIY Academy for Summer 2005. Come celebrate with us at
the DIY Commencement Hullabaloo!

Tuesday August 16 2005
8pm - 12am
Richard Hugo House - 1634 11th Ave @ Olive
Free! All Ages!
(206) 322-7030 or www.hugohouse.org/diy

DIY ACADEMY COMMENCEMENT HULLABALOO! is a big free party and rock show
celebrating the closing of the first annual DIY Academy. DIY ACADEMY is
a summertime series of low cost workshops that enrich your life and
local Seattle culture through the do-it-yourself movement. You took a
class or eight, remember?


Spazztastic music from these neat double trouble bands:
-Casy + Brian
-Turk and Piccolo
-the Pleasure Boaters

*Food provided by Seattle Food Not Bombs
*1st annual DIY ACADEMY IPA beer tasting (21+)
*Craft Stations to keep you active and creative while you rock
*DIY crafts Flea Market
*Awards for Academy students (we'll be having an awards
ceremony with certificates and everything at 10, students who want to
be included should be sure to be here by then)
*A showcase of the products of DIY Academy classes, pictures from our
summer together, hugging

So come along and support ZAPP, celebrate creative cultural
independence and dance like you mean it. Bring your friends!
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instructor deadline extended! [Apr. 16th, 2005|03:47 pm]
hey potential diy academy instructors! the application deadline has been extended to april 20th. for more info, email zines@hugohouse.org or call 206-322-7030.
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Links to Instructor Application form and Call for Instructors [Apr. 5th, 2005|01:11 pm]
Call for Instructors
(with plaintext application form)
Word Format, 30.5KB

Excel Instructor Application Form
Excel, 12.3KB

Pass 'em around!
Marianne Goldin
DIY Committee Board
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be an instructor at DIY Academy this summer! [Apr. 4th, 2005|12:36 am]
Hey LJ ZAPP and DIY fans!

The following is a request for Workshop Instructors for ZAPP's DIY ACADEMY. Herein you will find a brief description of the project and the application form for potential instructors. Applications are due in ZAPP by April 15th by email, snail mail, or drop-in. If you or your brother, mother or friend are interested in planning and leading a workshop, please pass this email along.

Your friend and mine,

N. Adam Beadel
ZAPP Volunteer

any questions or concerns? email zines@hugohouse.org

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DIY Academy is coming June 2005 [Mar. 26th, 2005|02:14 pm]
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Hello Seattle zinesters, artists, creators, fun people...

This group is the nexxus for all of your Zine Archive and Publishing Project (ZAPP) DIY Academy networking and workshopping needs. Friend us and find out about all the inner working of the next Seattle renaissance, coming to you Summer 2005.

What is the purpose of DIY academy?
-- increase ZAPP audience & visitors
-- political and social change, increasing self-sufficiency
-- building community, skill-sharing, networking
-- admitting ignorance and then learning
-- welcoming newcomers to the community
-- teens being exposed to new creative communities & skills
-- passing on knowledge to others
-- making the underground approachable (especially to shy & lonely people)
-- increasing self-sufficiency without isolating yourself
-- fun to create things
-- build up self-publishing community in Seattle

More info about ZAPP.


The DIY Academy Committee
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